No Date Year Location Type Reg Operator Crew PAX Injured Fatal/ missing A/I POA PCOA Remarks
1 22-Jan 2000 Frans Kaisiepo, Biak DHC 6 PK-NUS Merpati Nusantara 2 0 0 0 I LDG H/T After touch down landing the aircraft went uncontrollably to the left, and tresspassed grass shoulder and out of the R/W approx. 60 m to the left.
2 25-Jan 2000 Husein Sastranegara, Bandung CN 235 PK-MNM Merpati Nusantara 3 0 0 0 I CRS T/H During test flight cat A, for pressurization check, just before leaving 16000 ft ventral door detached at about 15 NM east of Bandung
3 8-Mar 2000 South Cina Sea Sikorsky S76 PK-PUC Pelita Air Services 2 0 0 2 A CRS T/H The a/c was on a flight from Kakap Rig to Matak Island. The a/c ditched to the sea at cruise phase. There was no distress call prior to the accident.
4 31-Mar 2000 Tanah Grogot, Kab. Pasir, South Kalimantan Bell 205 PK-UHT PT Nuh Kariangau   9 0 0 I ENR T The a/c was on a flight from Dahai to Balikpapan, when it experienced an engine compressor trouble. The a/c performed an emergency landing at Tanah Grogot.
5 2-May 2000 Ilaga, Irian Jaya Pilatus PC-6 PK-RCX AMA 1 0 0 0 I LDG T/H/E After touch down landing the aircraft drifted to the left, and the aircraft came to rest midway down the runway and perpendicular to the runway with both main wheel in the drainage ditch. No passenger were on board and the pilot incurred no injuries. All of the fuselage was intact. No fire occured and aircraft power and engine were secured.
6 5-Sep 2000 Tangerang, West Java Boeing B747-300 JA8178 JAL 3 368 0 0 I CLM T The a/c was operating on a scheduled international passenger flight, with flight number JL726. The aircraft, which departed from Soekarno-Hatta International Airport, Jakarta, experienced a serious incident shortly after take-off at 23:39 LT or 16:39 UTC, in which the No 1 engine’s fifth low pressure turbine (LPT) disk failed, ejecting debris damaging the airframe structure and several houses in a village.
7 2-Oct 2000 Ewer, Irian Jaya Cessna 185 PK-RCU AMA 1 4 0 0 I TX H/E During roll out, the a/c yawed to the right so the pilot applied left rudder. The tail got early airborne and the nose yawed abruptly to the left of the center line. After an unsuccessfull effort to control the a/c, the pilot aborted take off by pulling the throttle to idle position. The a/c strayed to the tall grass area on the left, and flipped over.
8 11-Oct 2000 Wekari, Manokwari, Irian Jaya Pilatus PC-6 PK-RCY AMA 1 0 0 0 I   W/E Emergency landing was performed due to adverse weather condition.
9 11-Oct 2000 Ninia Airfield, Irian Jaya Cessna TU-206G PK-MAT MAF 1       I LDG E The a/c experienced hard impact on touchdown, and then the a/c bounced up. After the bounce, the a/c landed on its nose.
10 19-Oct 2000 Sepinggan, Balikpapan Airbus A310 PK-AWA Awair     0 0 I LDG H The aircraft was on a scheduled flight from CGK to BPN, where it landed on Runway 07 at 10:58 LT. During the landing roll both engines stalled just before the thrust reversers were retracted. A (left engine, right engine, both engines) tailpipe fire occurred, and the firefighting unit who were conducting a drill proceeded to extinguish the remaining flames inside the engine(s) nozzle(s) using chemical extinguishers. The engines were damaged. The passengers were evacuated safely.
11 23-Oct 2000 Ilaga, Irian Jaya DHC-6 PK-NUZ Merpati Nusantara 1 1            
12 26-Oct 2000 Airways W33, RABOL DC 10 PK-GIB Garuda Indonesia 5 0 3 0 I CRS W The a/c flew into severe turbulence on flight from Denpasar to Surabaya.
13 18-Nov 2000 Datah Dawai, East Kalimantan BN-2B PK-VIY Dirgantara Air Services 1 17 18 0 A TO H The a/c departed from Datah Dawai airport, heading for Samarinda, East Kalimantan. The weather was clear at the time of occurrence. The radio operator saw the a/c disappeared around 2-3 km from Datah Dawai, and alerted the airport personnel. The a/c was found at about 2 km north of the runway 02 extension. The passengers aboard exceeded available seat.
14 7-Dec 2000 Soekarno - Hatta, Jakarta Boeing B737-400 PK-GWN Garuda Indonesia     0 0 I TO T The a/c had to return to base due to LH hydraulic (A-system) failure after airborne. After landing, it was found that he main wheel # 3 was peeled off, tear off, and peeled off upper skin of RH wing adjacent to rear spar. Fuel and hydraulic fluid leaked from RH wheel well, which caused RH stabilizer damage.
15 18-Dec 2000 Budiarto, Curug Beech Sundowner C23 PK-ANN PLP Curug         I LDG W/H The aircraft experienced up-draft during landing. The pilot proceeded to landing, but touched down on the nose landing gear. The a/c bounced and landed on the left side of the R/W.
441 6-Jan 2001 Adi Sumarmo, Solo Boeing B737-500 PK-GGA Garuda Indonesia 8 45 0 0 I LDG H/W The aircraft performed landing on a heavy rain condition, and experienced excursion to the right of the runway a few seconds after touch down. The a/c was able to recover.
442 10-Jan 2001 Sentani, Jayapura Cessna 185 PK-RCW AMA         I LDG H The aircraft was on a test flight after a 100-hours inspection. On landing, the pilot applied too much brake and caused the tail section to lift up. The propeller and nose section hit the runway, but the airframe was not damaged and the crew was not injured.
443 16-Jan 2001 Soekarno - Hatta, Jakarta Boeing B747-100 5N-RRR Kabo Air, Nigeria         I LDG T Upon contact with CGK Tower, the PIC reported that the L/H main wheel tires might have blown out after it took off from HNL (ETA at CGK was 20.00 LT). The emergency landing procedure was prepared and after a fly pass the a/c landed at 20.15 LT on R/W 025 L (south) dan stopped at T/W E Exit with the tires and velg completely destroyed.
444 18-Jan 2001 Enarotali Airstrip, Irian Jaya DHC 6-100 PK-LTZ GT Air     0 0 I LDG T/H The a/c landed normally and was in control, until after touch down when the reverse did not work. The PIC decided to apply brakes to prevent the a/c from overrunning. The a/c slide to the right and then skid and stopped about 150 meter from the end of the R/W. The R/H wing banked to the right side and hit the ground. The a/c stopped in the normal position.
445 24-Jan 2001 Ancol Golf Park, Jakarta Robinson R22 Beta II PK-WBM PT Helizona         I CRS T/H The a/c was on a flight for traffic reportation around Jakarta City. Over Jalan Gajah Mada, the a/c vibrated laterally and the engine RPM indicator fluctuated. The a/c approached an open area on Ancol Golf Park to make an emergency landing. On landing, the left skid hit a mound on a golf course, then the a/c stopped and rolled to the left and stopped at an upside down position.
446 1-Feb 2001 Samarinda Cessna 206 PK-MPT MAF 1 4 0 0 I LDG W/H The a/c was on a flight from Mahak Baru to WRLS. Approx. 52 nm from WRLS the weather deteriorated, so the PIC decided to turn around to closer airstrip Mekar Baru. Nine miles from Mekar Baru, visibility was reduced due to precipitation and low clouds. The weather and limited fuel forced the PIC to land on a logging road. On landing, the R/H horizontal stabilizer made ground contact which broke the attachment point.
447 2-Feb 2001 Ninia Airfield, Irian Jaya DHC 6-300 PK-ZAP SMAC         I LDG T/H The a/c suddenly turned and swung to the left on landing roll. Nose wheel steering could not cover it, so the a/c continued to swing to the left and went down to the left side of the R/W.
448 5-Feb 2001 Jeddah - Solo flight Airbus A330-300   SkyService, Canada         I CRS T Engine trouble occured during cruise (vibration on engine #1 N2). The a/c was diverted to Medan.
449 5-Feb 2001 Medan - Jeddah flight Airbus A330-300   SkyService, Canada         I CRS T Engine trouble occured during cruise. The a/c was diverted to Colombo, Srilangka.
450 8-Feb 2001 Burangrang Mt., West Java Bell 412 PK-SPT Transindo 3 - - 3 A CRS W/H The a/c crashed at Mt. Gedogan, Burangrang, West Java on a flight from Kalijati to Husen Sastranegara.
451 8-Feb 2001 Soekarno - Hatta, Jakarta Boeing B737-400 PK-GWW Garuda Indonesia         I LDG T The a/c took off from UPN airport from R/W 30 to CGK on a rainy weather. Some vibrations occured but there were no indications, so the pilot decided to continue the flight to CGK. After touch down on landing, the a/c experienced a brake loss on no.4.
452 8-Feb 2001 Jepara, Central Java TB 10 Tobago PK-AGH PLP Curug 2 0 0 2 A CRS T/H The a/c crashed on a training flight on Jepara training area.
453 20-Feb 2001 Hangar Kalibrasi, Curug Boeing B737-200 PK-IJH Bouraq Airlines - - 1 0 I GRD H The mechanic was adjusting the engine trim on L/H engine when the wire of his headset was sucked into the running engine. The mechanic was also pulled towards the engine and was badly injured.
454 20-Feb 2001 Airspace, Tanjung Karang B747-300 and F28 SVA-5081 and INA-171 Saudi Arabian Airlines and Pelita Air Services     - - I CRS H When SVA5081 was climbing from FL 240 to FL 310 direction TKG westbound, TCAS gave an aural warning "TRAFFIC TRAFFIC" followed by another aural warning "DESCEND DESCEND". It was reported that there was a traffic on FL 250 direction TKG eastbound.
455 26-Mar 2001 Juanda, Surabaya Fokker F27 PK-MFL Merpati Nusantara 3 - - 3 A   T/H The a/c was on a training flight for captaincy conversion, executing touch and go exercises. At 11:25 UTC the flight crew a/c asked for clearance to execute the eighth touch-and-go exercise. At 11:26, and at an altitude of less than 500 ft, the a/c made a left turn and crashed at distance of about three 3 km, and at a heading of 360 degrees as measured from the Juanda Tower position.
456 28-Mar 2001 Juanda, Surabaya Boeing B737-230 PK-IJM Bouraq Airlines     0 0 I TO E/T Aborted take-off due to failure on L/H engine during take-off roll. Suspected FOD.