JA8178 Incident Final Report Release (2) (02/11/01)
The US National Transportation Safety Board has finally sent their comments
on JA8178 Incident Final Report. The comments were mostly detailed
directional corrections, and do not significantly alter the contents of the
report. The final report is expected to be released this month.

PK GAI Accident Updates (2) (02/11/01)

The investigation team to Medan had a meeting with Medan ATC controllers
involved in the accident and made some clarifications and confirmations over
new findings. The new findings were brought up from CVR conversations long
before the impact (approx. 30 minutes) and track plot combined with ATC and
CVR transcript over the localizer footprint. A visit to the Tower, ACC (Area
Control Center), APP (Approach Control), and VOR was conducted to obtain
a better understanding of the operations of Medan ATC.
The ATC group will hold a meeting next week, and will be followed with
finalizing the report throughout November.

Side notes
One of our investigator observed the approach procedure on the jumpseat of
the B737-400 during the descent on the flight from Jakarta to Medan and
requested a full ILS landing. Aside from the observation task, the
conversations with the PIC revealed that the pilots landing on Polonia are now
satisfied with the performance of the ATC. He even commented that the ATC
seemed to be too careful now, especially in assigning altitude. The PK-GAI
accident was like a turning point, he continued, because prior to the accident
Medan ATC service was not satisfactory. PT Angkasa Pura II has made some
efforts in improving their service, although short of staff remains their primary

KA.930 Passenger Train and KA.2123 Coal Train Collission
A head-on collission between a passenger train and a coal train occurred at
KM.80+568 between Rangkasbitung Station and Jambu Station on Thursday,
25 October 2001, 02.45 AM. Four investigators were immediately sent to the

Aircraft Accident/Incident Database 2001 updated
All reported aircraft mishaps in 2001 until this day are listed in the
database. Updated every occurrence. See Aviation.

Empu Jaya Train - Cirebon Express Locomotive Collision
(2) (02/11/01)
The human factors group held a meeting last week, resulting in some action
plan and long-term studies. These studies include ergonomic study of the train
engineer working environment, safety awareness study, work load study,
training and recruitment study, and engineer proficiency/health study.
One urgent issue is the urgent need for a medical unit/facility within PT KAI.

Recommendation Log coming up (02/11/01)
Air safety recommendations issued by the NTSC and the follow up actions by the DGAC will be posted in the following weeks.

PK-GAI Accident Updates (19/10/01)
The finalizing of accident report of Garuda Indonesia's Airbus A300-B4 PK-GAI
(near Medan, 26 September 1997, File code has reached
90%. A visit to Polonia Tower, Medan VOR, and crash site is planned on
October 29-31, 2001 to confirm and evaluate the analysis and conclusions
reached on the last meeting. The report is expected to be released by the
end of year 2001.

PK-RIL Incident Draft Report Release
The Mandala Airlines' Boeing B737-200 Adv PK-RIL incident draft report (Hasanuddin Airport, 5 April 1999, File code is to be released by the end of October 2001. This incident and other similar incidents at Hasanuddin Airport resulted in several safety recommendations from NTSC to Directorate General of Air Communications/DGAC (Dirjen Hubud), specifically to Directorate of Airworthiness Certification/DAC (DSKU), Directorate of Aviation Safety/DAS
(Kespen), and operators (especially Mandala Airlines).

JA8178 Incident Final Report Release (19/10/01)
The release of Japan Airlines' Boeing B747-300 JA8178 incident report
(Tangerang, 5 September 2000, File code will be delayed
awaiting comments from US National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB).
The Japan Civil Aviation Board has sent their comments and
corrections early this month, as well as their congratulation
and appreciation
of the excellent team work and the final report.

PK-MNM Incident Final Report Release (19/10/01)
Merpati Nusantara's CN235 PK-MNM incident (Bandung, 25 January 2000, File
code final report draft was finished August 24, 2001. NTSC is
still waiting for comments from several parties involved, but if the comments
are not accepted by October 24, 2001 (sixty days after delivery of the
draft), the NTSC will release the final report.

PK-AWA Incident Final Report Release (19/10/01)
Awair's Airbus A310 PK-AWA incident (Sepinggan Airport, 19 October 2000, File code final report draft is due to be finished this month. The aircraft, however, is now operating for Lion Air.

PK-MFL Accident Updates (19/10/01)
The investigation process of Merpati Nusantara's Fokker F27 PK-MFL accident
(Juanda, 26 March 2001, File code is currently at analysis
stage. NTSC is still waiting for the results of FDR readout and analysis
from UK's Air Accident Investigation Branch, after the Dutch Transport
Safety Board failed to perform the readout. NTSC is also waiting for detailed
inspection report of several engine parts from UK's Rolls-Royce Engine Failure
Investigation team, following the engine teardown at PT NTP/UMC Bandung.

PK-GWY Incident Final Report Release (19/10/01)
The report of Garuda Indonesia's Boeing B737-400 PK-GWY incident
(Hasanuddin Airport, 13 July 2001, File code is in the finalizing
phase, expected to be released in November 2001.
Garuda Indonesia had issued some internal safety recommendations in relation
to this incident
(refer to the similar incident happened on October 23, 1996 to
a Boeing B737-300 registration PK-GWG).

PK-VTP Accident Updates (19/10/01)
Manunggal's C160 PK-VTP accident investigation (Wamena, 16 June 2001, File
code is deferred due to the delay in engine shipment from
Sentani to UMC Bandung, where the engine teardown is arranged to take

Empu Jaya Train - Cirebon Express Locomotive Collision
The NTSC has conducted several meetings with C.O. team (investigation
team from PT Kereta Api Indonesia) and Directorate General of Land Transport
to establish a working relationship and define the framework of railway
accident investigation, considering this accident is the first accident where
NTSC shall conduct its own railway accident investigation independently.
See Railway Investigation Plan (Indonesian) for detailed agenda.
NTSC investigation team has done field investigations to Cirebon (route
evaluation) and Yogyakarta (wreckage examinations and training center
evaluation) on October 9, 2001.

Other Aircraft Accident/Incident Reports in Analysis Stage

Gatari Bell 412 PK-HMV, Tanjung Santan 03/04/99
Derazona Bell 206
PK-DBC, Offshore Indramayu 14/04/99
Manunggal/Trigana Kamov KA32 RA-31029 , Wamena 11/06/99

Pelita Air Services Sikorsky S76
PK-PUC, South Cina Sea 08/03/00
Dirgantara Air Services BN2B
PK-VIY, Datah Dawai 18/11/00 (finalizing)
Helizona Robinson R22 PK-WBM, Jakarta 24/01/01
Transindo Bell 412
PK-SPT, Burangrang 08/02/01
Dirgantara Air Services BN2A
PK-VIS, Nunukan 12/05/01
PLP Curug TB10
PK-AGH, Padalarang 08/02/01

SilkAir Flight MI-185 Accident, Boeing B737-300 9V-TRF,
Musi River - Palembang, 19 December 1997


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