Blackboxes readout at IAC, Moscow (03/12/02)
For the investigation of the An-72 ES-NOP accident at Wamena, on April 2002, NTSC asked the Scientific-Technical Commission of Interstate Aviation Committee (IAC) assistance to readout the FDR and CVR. This is the first time that NTSC read blackboxes in Moscow, which could also be considered as initiation of IAC-NTSC networking for aviation safety. The number of ex-USSR aircraft operating in Indonesia is currently growing, therefore, networking with IAC, who set the regulations and standards for ex-USSR aircrafts and therefore has the most knowledge for the aircrafts, is very valuable.

Dirgantara Air Service BN-2A Aircraft Crash (07/11/02)
A Britten Norman 2A aircraft registered as PK-VIZ crash near Tarakan Airport on November 7, 2002.
The aircraft was on a scheduled commercial flight from Tarakan with destination Long Bawan, approximately 120 nm west of Tarakan.
The flight had delay for two hours due to engines trouble. There was rain falling at the time engineers work at those engines. After all weather was clear at time of take off. Two minutes after take-off from runway 24 the Pilot reported technical problems and requested permission to return to base. ATC acknowledged request and instructed the pilot to use runway 06. ATC officers claimed to have observed the aircraft not gaining height and banking to the right before ditching in a shrimp farm pond. The aircraft went into a right turn before hitting a tree and plunging in the shallow waters of the pond. The aircraft was found in an overturned (upside down) position. Seven people were killed including the pilot, and six passengers. The investigation team has some difficulties to recover instruments, engines and other aircraft components, due to difficult accessibility of the location of the occurrence.

Garuda PK-GSG Flight GA973 Incident
On September 1, 2002 at about 07.45 LT, the Garuda Indonesia Flight 973 a Boeing B747-400 registration PK-GSG, enroute from Frankfurt to Singapore, encountered an upset while flying at
a cruising altitude of 31,000 ft over international waters, well within the Bangkok airspace.
The aircraft was reported to have experienced positive and negative G-forces, resulting in injuries
and damage to the cabin interior. The flight crew reported layers of clouds in the area.
The aircraft landed safely at Changi Airport, and was inspected according to the company's post turbulence inspection procedures. No structural damage was found, and the control system were
functioning. The aircraft was reported to have landed in auto-landing mode.
There were 380 persons on board, including a flight crew of four and seventeen flight attendants.
Three passengers and one flight attendant were reported injured, and were hospitalized in Singapore.
In accordance to the Annex 13 to the Chicago Convention, The NTSC initiated an investigation into occurence, categorized as a serious incident.
The Singapore Ministry of Transport offered and provided support in the investigation as a participating agency.

Garuda PK-GWA Flight GA421 Accident Update (28/06/02)
FDR and CVR readouts had been conducted at the Air Accident Investigation
Branch, UK. The readouts are being synchronized at the moment, and the most
important fact confirmed by the FDR readout is that both
the engines did lose
power while the aircraft was passing 18,500 ft. Other tests and researches that
have been conducted in the UK and US are EIS analysis, APU tests, battery tests,
and engine tear down.

A Special Airworthiness Information Bulletin has been issued by the US Federal
Aviation Administration
on May 23, 2002. The SAIB No. NE-02-28 background was
the GA421 accident, and its recommendations include avoidence of severe weather
whenever possible, flight crew's familiarization with weather restrictions and
emergency in-flight restart procedures. It also states that flight in moderate to
heavy rain, hail, sleet and turbulence could adversely effect engine operation, especially at lower engine power levels.

Trigana PK-YPZ Accident Update
The CVR was recovered from the wreckage and the read out was conducted today
at Merpati Maintenance Facilities. Unfortunately there was no recording of the last

Final Report Release (01/02/02)
Japan Airlines JA8178 Incident and Merpati Nusantara PK-MNM Incident Final
Reports are finally released. PDF files of these reports, and some older ones, can
be obtained here.
Other additions to this website is the recommendations page and 2002 aircraft
accident/incident database.



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