Aircraft Accident/Incident Investigation Report

Final Report (Aviation Division) :

  PT. Travel Express, PK–TXL, Dornier 328-100
      Fak-Fak, Papua, Republic of Indonesia, 6 November 2008
      File Report :  KNKT/08.26/09.02.39
  Metro Batavia Airlines, PK–YVE, Airbus A320-321
      Polonia Airport - Medan, North Sumatera, Republic of Indonesia, 1 June 2008
      File Report :  KNKT/08.11/09.03.40

  PT. Manunggal Air, PK–VTQ, Transall C-160
      Wamena Airport, Wamena, Papua, Republic of Indonesia, 6 March 2008
      File Report :  KNKT.

Safety Recommendations (06/08/2008)
The National Transportation Safety Committee’s investigation into a failed main
landing gear assembly on Boeing 737 aircraft, registration PK-GZN, Serial number
29209, that occurred at Syamsudin Noor Airport of Banjarmasin, South Kalimantan
on 23 July 2008, found a crack in one of the brake mounting holes propagating
inwards. The crack resulted in the fracturing of the inner cylinder and collapse of
the axle. The landing gear assembly had been in service for 9 years 7 months and
8 days and 15,218 cycles. The overhaul inspection is required in accordance with the
Boeing Overhaul Manual at intervals not exceeding 10 years time in service or
21,000 cycles.

On 6 August, as a result of the findings of the investigation to date, the NTSC made
urgent Safety Recommendations to the : 
  Directorate General Civil Aviation of Indonesia  
 ( Recommendation KNKT / A );
  US Federal Aviation Administration 
           ( Recommendations KNKT / B and KNKT / C ); 
•  Via the US National Transportation Safety Board, and
        Boeing Company ( Recommendation KNKT / D ); 
•  Via the US National Transportation Safety Board, and
        European Aviation Safety Agency ( Recommendation KNKT / E ). 
Information copies were also sent to the Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority.


Investigation Report (27/06/2008)
Investigation Report 2008 (Marine Division) release on June 2008 :
  Fire on Roro Passenger Vessel KMP. Dharma Kencana I
  Sunk of Wooden Cargo Vessel KM. Samudera Makmur Jaya

Investigation Report (24/06/2008)
Investigation Report (Marine Division) release year of 2007 :
  Capsize of Oil Tanker MT. Kharisma Selatan
  Capsize of Woodden Passenger Cargo Vessel KM. Acita-03
  Sunk of Wooden Passenger Cargo Vessel KM. Wahai Star
  Explosion on Oil Tanker MT. Maulana
  Fire on Roro Passenger Vessel KMP. Levina I
  Fire on Roro Passenger Vessel KMP. Nusa Bhakti

Media Release English / Indonesia (25/03/2008)
Subject: Opening Public Release PK-KKW and NTSC Final Investigation Report into
Boeing 737 disappeared from radar at Makassar Strait - Sulawesi on 1 January 2007
involving Adam Air flight DHI-574.

FINAL REPORT (Aviation Division) - RELEASED on MARCH 25, 2008
Adam Air Flight DHI-574, Boeing B737-4Q8,
During flight from Surabaya to Manado at Makassar Strait,
Sulawesi, January 1, 2007

Investigation Report (14/02/2008)
Subject: Investigation Report (Railway Division) into KA 156 Bengawan accident at
Cirebon - Jawa Barat on 29 January 2008 involving PT. Kereta Api (Persero).




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