No Date Year Location Type Reg Operator Crew PAX Injured Fatal/ missing A/I POA PCOA Remarks
1 9-Jan 2003 Jalaludin, Gorontalo Fokker F28 Mk 4000 PK-PJK Pelita Air Service 6 49 0 0 A TX T The aircraft was landing at Jalaludin, Gorontalo using R/W 27 and taxiing via taxiway Bravo. While entering Bravo, suddenly APU fire warning on, the glarstial panel iluminated. The pilot took mandatory action by operating fire control guard to extinguish fie and shutdown APU. Aircraft stop at normal position. Passanger disembarkeed normally.
2 15-Jan 2003 Tabing, Padang B737-200 PK-RIL Mandala         I TO T Aborted take off due to engine replacement
3 23-Jan 2003 Soekarno-Hatta, Jakarta B737-200 PK-ALV Star Air         I LDG


While landing, the aircraft drifted to the left (due to windshear and heavy precipition) and out of the runway. The recovery was succed to place the aircraft back to runway but with condition of nose wheel and LH main landing gear deflated. Then the aircraft blocked the runway..
4 29-Jan 2003 Achmad Yani Airport, Semarang B737-200 PK-RIM Mandala 6 98 0 0 I TO T While rolling for take-off, the left engine was covered by fire. The tower was tried to inform about that condition, but since the pilots were busy, they didn't reponse. After the aircraft was airborne, the tower repeated the information and the pilots answered explaining that the engine#1 was fail. at position 10 NM and alt 1000ft, the pilot said that they would make a RTB. After inspection, it was found that the engine#1 was covered by wool of animal.
5 6-Feb 2003 In flight(from Semarang to Halim PK) Cessna 172 PK-DCM Deraya 3 0 0 3 A CRS The aircraft, owned by PT. Deraya Flying School, was on a cross country flight from Semarang to Halim Perdanakusuma Airport. Last contact was made on 04.50 UTC. The aircraft remained missing.
6 4-Mar 2003 Hotel Sahid Jaya, Jakarta Robinson R44 PK-BAT PT. Helizona 1 2 0 3 A LDG The aircraft crashed at Hotel Sahid, Jakarta, while attempted to land at the hotel's elevated heliport (at 21st floor) and straight down to 3rd floor where the swimming pool was located. The aircraft was reported having a total loss condition.