No Date Year Location Type Reg Operator Crew PAX Injured Fatal/ missing A/I POA PCOA Remarks
1 2-Jan 1990 Java sea, east of Lampung /Sugama island CASA C212 PK-PCM Pelita Air Services 3 13   7 A ENR T The a/c experience an engine trouble on the flight to Palembang. The a/c ditched and sink into Java sea.
2 25-Jan 1990 Sangkareang mountain, Lombok HS 748 PK-OBW Airfast 3 16   19 A ENR W/H The a/c hit the mountain due to bad weather
3 6-Feb 1990 Syamsuddin Noor, Banjarmasin HS 748 PK-ING Bouraq Airlines 5       I   T Trouble on the right engine
4 8-Jan 1990 Wamena Airport, Irian Jaya Cessna 185 PK-MCK MAF 1       A LDG T The left landing gear broke when landing. The left wing hit the ground.
5 8-Jan 1990 Juanda, surabaya DC 9 and HS 748 PK-GNT and PK-IHP Garuda - Bouraq         I APP H Missjudgement happened to 2 approaching a/c that have different speed.
6 2-Feb 1990 Pontianak BN-2A PK-VIS Dirgantara Air Services         I   T Trouble on both of the engine
7 31-Mar 1990 Sembakung, East Kalimantan BO105 PK-PIU Pelita Air Services 2 1     I CLM   Right after take off, the a/c fly above water and then fell
8 3-Apr 1990 Mutiara, Flores DHC 6 PK-NUQ Merpati Nusantara 3 14     A CLM   After take off, the a/c hit a hill 700 m from the airport
9 4-Apr 1990 Sepinggan, Balikpapan Fokker F28 PK-GKU Garuda Indonesia 6 55     A     Right main wheel went into ditch
10 11-Apr 1990 Supadio, Pontianak Fokker F28 PK-GKD Garuda Indonesia 2 59     I LDG   The a/c went off the runway when landing and stop at the end of runway 15
11 21-Apr 1990 Labuha, Maluku DHC 6 PK-NUA Indoavia 1 13     I TO   When take off, the a/c was unbalanced (incline) and hit a embankment on the runway
12 30-Apr 1990 Anda airfield, Riau Super Puma PK-PUF Pelita Air Services 2       A APP   When approaching FPSO helideck, the a/c crashed
13 14-May 1990 Kaimana, Irian Jaya BO105 PK-PIV Pelita Air Services 1       I TF   When landing (test landing), the tail skid hit the ground
14 24-Jun 1990 Subang, West Java Cessna 320 PK-DCE Deraya 2 2     A ENR T One engine had trouble, followed by the other engine. The a/c lost altitude and performed emergency landing on ricefield.
15 5-Aug 1990 Unisiga, Timika, Irian Jaya Sikorsky S58T PK-OBF Airfast 2       A     The a/c crashed and burned. Completely destroyed.
16 10-Aug 1990 Babullah, Ternate BN-2A PK-BIG Indoavia 2 5     I LDG   After landing, the a/c swing to the right, minor damage on the nose wheel
17 10-Oct 1990 Tarakan, East Kalimantan HS 748 PK-HIS Bouraq Airlines 5 14     A LDG T Nose landing gear collapsed
18 12-Oct 1990 Budiarto, Curug Beech Sundowner C23 PK-ANN PLP Curug 2       A LDG   When touch down, the a/c inclined to the right, after rolling with nose down, the a/c stopped 100 m from the treshold, the nose wheel broke
19 29-Nov 1990 Eltari, Kupang C212-200 PK-NCX   3 9     I     The nose wheel vibrated.
20 13-Nov 1990 Siriwo, Irian Jaya Hughes-500 PK-MAK   2       I      
21 15-Nov 1990 Wamena Airport, Irian Jaya Cessna 206 PK-MAA   1 2     I      
22 6-Dec 1990 Matak Super Puma AS 332 C PK-PUI   3 9 2 10 A ENR   The a/c was on fire, uncontrollable and ditched on the sea 400 m from Matak.
23 27-Dec 1990 Jakarta-Pekanbaru                     Navigation error on GIA 116